have you ever...

Have you ever stood up out of a sunroof?
Have you ever stood up out of a sunroof and taken your shirt off?
Have you ever stood up out of a sunroof and taken your shirt off and showed your boobs?
Have you ever stood up out of a sunroof and taken your shirt off and showed your boobs while someone was driving by?
Have you ever stood up out of a sunroof and taken your shirt off and showed your boobs while someone was driving by AND THEN NOTICED THE PERSON WAS A COP?
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said she had her abortion eight months ago which means that she would have gotten pregnant nine months ago. Nine months ago is April. In April she was living in Seattle. The first time Mark ever showed up was in February of last year, when Derek punched him in the face. THEN HE DID NOT SHOW UP AGAIN UNTIL THE THIRD SEASON. The next time he shows up, he is walking out of Addison’s bathroom in a towel. They were 3000 miles apart when this “baby” was “conceived”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is bullshit.

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I thought that I could always count on you,
I thought that nothing could become between us two.
We said as long as we would stick together,
We’d be alright, we’d be ok.
But I was stupid
And you broke me down
I’ll never be the same again.

So thank you for showing me,
That best friends can not be trusted,
And thank you for lying to me,
Your friendship and good times we had you can have them back.

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another night of crying myself to sleep.

best friends means I pull the trigger

it is FUCKED UP when “best friends” do shit like this. a best friend is supposed to be someone you can trust no matter what. someone you can trust to be there for you. best friends come before any guy and she should never pull this kind of shit.

a REAL best friend stops having sex when you call her crying because you fucked your life up.

is that what you did? no. you turned the second you heard. you are a fucking bitch and I cant even comprehend how you could do this. do you think that this is OKAY?



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oregon does it better.

this weekend was. i don't even know.
i love oregon.
maryland might not have anything left for me.
i am not thinking coherently.

  1. it rained at least a little bit every day. i love the rain. i love playing in the rain and i love looking at the rain. rain is so romantic and just wonderful and it happens in oregon all the time!
  2. waking up in a fully furnished apartment with a guy making you pancakes and bacon for breakfast? especially when that guy is AJ? who can complain? not me.
  3. super bonding time with michael. ("just so you know, i don't think you're gay") tegan and sarah are like glue.
  4. i've always had fantastic experiences with mongolian bbq. this was absolutely no exception.
  5. tickle fights in the backseat. and EVERYWHERE ELSE.
  6. justin. enough said.
  7. 1 am trips to walmart. throwing energy drinks, guitar hero demo, me and kenny hiding from justin, boondock saints, need i say more?
  8. poker night. ACTUALLY being invited to poker night. and being allowed to PLAY! what a concept. a girl at poker night. and THEN kicking everybodys ass and making money! who would have thought? (no one since i was never allowed to play in MD)

things on this side of the country pleased me as well. umd almost got robbed, but pulled it out in the last few seconds and the REDSKINS beat dallas!

i don't know how i feel right now.
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Did you know it takes less than an hour to drive the whole beltway if there isn't much traffic?

I thought it would take longer.

I discovered this this morning while I should have been:
a. learning my fucking lines
b. doing some homework
c. adding to the inadequate five hours of sleep i got.

I stay making dumb decisions.

Sometimes I don't mind.
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this isn't hungover. i am still druuuunk.

I don't really learn from my mistakes.
and i don't really react well when i make mistakes.
and i don't know how to fix my mistakes.
and i don't know why i do the things i do.
and everything is my fault.
and i know it.

and i don't know what the fuck i'm gonna do when laura goes back to rutgers.